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Liz Ringus


My pottery received national recognition when it first appeared in "Country Living" magazine in the January 1990 issue and again in March of 2002. Spongeware is the term given to pottery decorated with a sea sponge usually in the popular colors of blue on white. English made spongeware came in a variety of colors and designs and potteries making sponge decorated wares were very popular in America during the mid 1800's, to early 1900's. All of my spongeware pieces are made with stoneware clay and decorated in traditional and contemporary style glaze - each piece is by customer order.
South Carolina Face Jugs

My face vessels are made with the South Carolina Face Jug Tradition in mind. Local kaolin clay is used for the eyes and teeth and frequently I use broken antique china for the teeth which makes for an interesting effect. Many of the vessels are glazed in the more traditional dark brown (Albany slip style) glaze, but I also do interesting contemporary glazes for the collector looking for something different. Every face jug is signed and a bible verse, commentary or rhyme is inscribed on the bottom. This was not necessarily an historical custom, but one that makes my work very unique to me. This web page is not designed to be an on-line catalog. Every single piece of pottery I make is one-of-a-kind. I suggest you call to see what's on the shelf. I can ship and do charge card payments over the phone. For the most part, you will not find my face vessels sold at on-line auction houses because those who collect them don't want to part with them - and they certainly don't want to give them away, either!
SC Face Jug

Pictured below: Two interior shots of some Displays at The Little Red Barn.
A glimpse inside The Little Red Barn Another peak...
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